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Heating & Air Conditioning Sales, Repair and Service, Tyler, TX and East Texas


Name Brand Products

We service and install all major brands of air conditioning systems. We work with you to determine what your home needs and which brand will provide the best value for you. We can help you with the financing as well.

State of the art technology

Obviously the economy has put energy costs in the forefront. Everyone knows that the fastest way to save money is to quit spending it. They way you reduce your energy costs is caulk that window, replace that broken pane, and get rid of that 20 year old, clanking air conditioner. Those changes alone can save you as much as 35% off your monthly energy bills - now. It's the technology at work. New systems are efficient and have had to pass strict government regulations to make sure they are the most energy efficient. Aside from that the new systems are smooth, electronically controlled, and they are also very quiet making for a much more comfortable environment for you and your family.

Energy Reduction Specialists

The C. Woods Company has always maintained a training regiment simply because we have to. Our industry demands that we stay ahead of the curve to be able and qualified to install and service the latest technology for your home. We're in Texas, so you are definitely running that AC, a lot, if not almost all the time. Image a nice new, soft purring AC blowing nice cold air at a whisper, and saving you cash everyday. And to top it off, you will be helping the environment. It is truly all about money.

We're Green!

"Green" is the big buzzword lately. It's cool to be green. Being green means you do something to save the earth. Anything. You don't really have to work at it because we can do it for you. We are in an a leading industry in reducing the amount of chlorofluorocarbons released in the air as well as the reduction of use of fossil fuels. It's a band wagon we all need to be on and we will turn you green, too. 

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